Participants of the South, Southeast, and West Asia (SSEWA) 2024 Summer Workshop

Workshop taps into sports to energize history, social studies education

July 12, 2024

The Center for Asian Studies’ South, Southeast and West Asia Outreach Program recently hosted a summer workshop for teachers, focused on sports and colonialism, just in time for the Paris Olympics.

instructor working with student playing an upright bass

The (musical) kids are back in town

July 9, 2024

Last summer, the Sphinx Performance Academy brought 22 high school-age music students to campus for an intensive 10-day residency emphasizing cultural diversity. This month, it’s déjâ vu as auditioned youth engage in lessons, master classes and more.

Nhi Tran gives context before beginning the reading to a third grade class

Promoting cultural understanding one storybook at a time

June 26, 2024

Through a Program for Teaching East Asia outreach project, 鶹Ѱstudents bring connections and representation to K-12 classrooms through storybook readings that bridge natural science and East Asian cultures.

Photo of three sets of hands holding pencils with orange sheets of paper showing images of triangles.

Meeting the needs of Colorado’s ‘newcomer’ K-12 students

June 12, 2024

This year, schools across Colorado experienced an influx of students, many of them migrants from Latin and South America. A small but dedicated group of scholars at 鶹ѰBoulder are helping teachers meet the needs of these new arrivals.

researcher in a white lab coat working in lab

Scientists help students vanquish a catch-22

June 10, 2024

It’s an unfortunate truth of higher education that you need research experience to gain research experience. In a new publication, 鶹ѰBoulder scientists detail how the SkillsCenter allows students to gain credentials in basic to advanced research skills.

visitors at a collaborative exhibition

Framing the climate conversation through art, science, community collaborations

June 5, 2024

The Colorado Arts Science Environment Program’s main goal is to address critical environmental and social issues across Colorado. The program’s new exhibition brings together 鶹ѰBoulder scientists and artists from various parts of the state.

Pueblo East High School chemistry students

SCENIC and Pueblo’s East High School: A new approach to science class

June 4, 2024

What is a regular Tuesday for many students at Pueblo East High School is a special day for students in Ms. Turner’s chemistry class. They’ve worked for the entire semester with 鶹ѰBoulder graduate students on projects about air quality and now get to present their work at a symposium.

an open field

Supporting Indigenous researchers through fellowship, science

May 23, 2024

鶹ѰBoulder's Tribal Climate Leaders Program supports students in bringing science home to their reservations and communities.

Middle school band rehearsing

Notes of growth: 鶹Ѱstudents lead middle school musicians to success

May 10, 2024

On April 26, the participants of the Middle School Ensemble program fine-tuned their pieces one last time. When the doors opened and the lights dimmed, the middle schoolers giddily looked around for their families and waited for their turn to shine on stage.

young students raising their hands in class

How an NBA star and an alumna are trying to change mental wellness in schools

April 18, 2024

Following NBA player Kevin Love’s public struggle with mental health, he launched a foundation to support young people who are also suffering. Ellie Haberl Foster, an education alumna, co-designed the foundation’s free school curriculum to help educators model vulnerability and support students.