Who Are Readmit Applicants?

Readmit applicants are students who have been enrolled in a degree-seeking program at 鶹ѰBoulder but are no longer eligible to register for classes and must reapply. This includes:

  • Students with a graded semester of work for one or more semesters at 鶹ѰBoulder, which can include Withdraw grades, and who have been away from 鶹Ѱfor more than three semesters.
  • Students who have been gone less than a year but have an academic or conduct-related suspension.
  • Students who graduated from 鶹ѰBoulder and want to return to earn another undergraduate degree.

How to Reapply to 鶹ѰBoulder

We’re glad you’re interested in rejoining the Buff community! To reapply, you will need to submit the readmit application for admission. Readmit students will not have to pay the application fee.